Monopoly GO Cheats 2023

Ever since its launch, Monopoly GO! has attracted many players to it. If you are a regular player of this game, you will know there are no legitimate ways to cheat in it. Unlike others, Monopoly GO! doesn’t offer cheat codes. There are codes to get free dice, and they generally come out daily that you can find using various mediums, including links. 

So, is there any way you can find a legitimate cheat code in Monopoly GO!? Well, we have got you covered. Read this article till the end to find out the best Monopoly GO! cheats. 

Check the Shop Every Eight Hours 

One of the most straightforward ways to find cheats in your game is to check the shop every 8 hours. With this strategy, you can collect around 25 or more Monopoly Go free dice every 8 hours. All you need to do is open the game and tap on the three lines located on the top right of the page. Select Shop and scroll the offer to the right. You can collect a free reward. 

The official website of the game refreshes the free reward every 8 hours and usually includes free dice with money. Additionally, you can also score stickers and special event tokens. 

Check Daily Treats 

You can log in once per 24 hours to collect daily treats. These treats build up daily for a week and upon advancement, they keep getting bigger and bigger. It is important to mention that you can only get one of these treats daily. Additionally, you can score free dice and 1-star gold cards on some days. 

Besides daily treats, there is also a meter located across the top. As you reach any milestone in your game, the meter fills up with extra rewards until you reach the final reward. After that, it resets. 

Make Quick Wins 

You can make quick wins and advance in your Monopoly GO! game by leaps and bounds. Every day Quick Wins at the game are reset at 13:00 UTC, giving you three new ways to potentially get some free dice. If you are active enough to complete them at least 6 out of 7 days every week, there is a wide chance to get free dices along with prizes. 

Using this strategy, you can collect enough Quick Win points and win the weekly prize. The common weekly prize options include a shield skin, game money, or a gold-pink sticker pack. 

Participate in Flash Events 

Monopoly GO! always has at least two events running at the same time, namely, the main event and tournament. Besides this, the platform runs an array of other events. You can participate in these events and make the most of your game. 

  • Mega Heist – It adds an extra level to Bank Heist for a lot of money. 
  • Cash Grab – It is activated by landing on Chance. You can tap the screen and collect the dough. 
  • Wheel Boost – Get two spins of the wheel upon completing a color set. 
  • Cash Boost – With every roll on the board, you can score up to x2 cash. 
  • Board Rush – Complete your current board for dice and money bonuses. 
  • High Roller – It helps increase your multiplier in great numbers. 
  • Landmark Rusk – Complete landmarks, and you can score free dice and money bonuses. 

Add a Facebook Friends 

You can invite a Facebook friend to play Monopoly GO! with you and win rewards. The rewards for adding Facebook friends are big. Reportedly, you can get as many as 1,000 free dice to do this. So, for every friend you know on Facebook who downloads and plays Monopoly, you can earn 100 free dice. 

Now that you know the tips and tricks, it’s time to amp your game. All the best. 

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