How to Play Monopoly GO! With Friends?

Playing Monopoly GO! with friends doubles up the fun for good. Besides offering a fun experience, it also helps you improve your gameplay, especially with Bank Robberies, Demolitions, and more. You can participate with your friends and family members in the cooperative events and explore Community Chests together. It is where the rewards are hidden.

So, how do you play Monopoly GO! with friends? Read this article till the end to find out.

How to Play Monopoly GO! With Friends?

There are three ways you can add your friends to your game and play together.

Invite your Friends through Contacts

First things first! You can open the game’s app on your smartphone and tap on the Friends button located in the bottom right corner. You will find the Friends and Family section here. Click on the Add Friends tab and tap on the Contacts button. Press on the Add Contacts button and enter your mobile number.

Verify your number, give the required permissions, and now you will see all the players from your contact list in the Add Friends section on the app. Select all those who you would like to play with.

Invite your Facebook Friends

Another option is to invite your Facebook friends.

Go to the Friends section on the app and select the Add Friends option. If you have a linked Facebook account, you will see all the suggestions from your Facebook friends list. If not, connect your account with Facebook by tapping the list icon. With a successful invitation, Monopoly Go free dice rolls credited to your account.

Once linked, tap the Add button and add all the players you want to play the game with.

Use the Invite Feature

Lastly, you can use the Invite feature on the app and add your friends.

Go to the Friends section and choose the Add Friends option. Select Invite and send invite links to all your friends through any message or social app. When your friends tap on the link, they download the game and create an account. It will automatically get them on your Friends list. You can use our tips and tricks for Monopoly Go to win the game.

Adding your friends to your Monopoly GO! game is fun. Once you have added them, you can check their activity, share games, and even compete with them. However, the biggest perk of adding them is that you can win rewards.

Yes, you heard it right. There are different ways of introducing your friends to this app and earning rewards. For instance, when you link your contact list to the game, you will receive 30 extra throws. Similarly, if a new player joins the game, you receive different rewards.

Now that you know how to add friends, it’s time to double the fun!

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