How to Trade Stickers in Monopoly GO!?

Monopoly GO! has become the favorite of the masses, especially of all the players who look forward to playing easygoing online games to have ample fun. One of the elements this game has for the players is a wide range of in-game stickers. These stickers help collect free dice rolls, bonuses, and net worth increments. 

You can unlock unique stickers through various packs throughout your gameplay. At the same time, you may receive the same sticker again and again, which could be of zero use. In this situation, a safer bet would be to trade these stickers with your friends and vice versa. 

This article covers details on how to trade stickers with your friends in Monopoly GO! Read it till the end to find out. We are sharing Monopoly GO free dice links on our homepage so checkout frequently, We are updating new links.

Monopoly GO! Stickers Benefits

Collecting in-game stickers in Monopoly GO! comes with many benefits. 

  • Stickers help you get free rolls. 
  • They supplement your net-worth increments. 
  • Stickers in Monopoly GO! offer cash bonuses and other perks. 

Currently, the total number of stickers in the game is 160. While some of them are easy to score, others can be hard to find. You can complete your sticker collection by trading it with your friends and skyrocket your performance throughout the gameplay. It would be so much fun! As the repeat sticker is of no use, we suggest you trade it with your friends and help them rank up in the game to double the fun. 

How to Get Stickers in Monopoly GO!? 

There are different ways to score the stickers in your game. You can complete the tutorial board, perform all the daily tasks, and even request them from your fellow players. To request the stickers, you must join a Facebook group. Ensure the group is legit. 

The game also offers a Quick Wins card that you can fill out to earn weekly rewards. The main prize in these rewards is a pack full of stickers. 

How to Unlock Stickers? 

Now that you have collected the stickers, it’s time to unlock them all. To do this, you will need to level up your Net Worth. It can be done by buying new buildings and upgrading the ones you have obtained. You can check out the buildings you have purchased and upgraded at the bottom of the screen under the Build section. 

Once the upgrade is completed, you will start getting Sticker Packs that will grant you random stickers. You can use these stickers to fill your album. The process is so much fun, except for getting repetitive stickers. But as stated, you can share these stickers among your friends and supplement their game. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. 

How to Trade Stickers in Monopoly GO!? 

The process of trading stickers in the game is straightforward. 

  • Go to your album collection by clicking the album icon located at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select an album and find the stickers that have multiple copies. 
  • These stickers will be marked with +1, +2, +3, and more, depending on the number of copies you have collected. 
  • Select the sticker you want to send and click on the Send button. 
  • Select the friend you wish to send the sticker to. 
  • Voila! The sticker has been sent. 

Your friend will be notified about the sticker when they launch the game on their device. The process of sending surplus stickers is smooth. It helps them boost their ranks and leader-board position in the game. 

Likewise, you can always reach out to your friends and ask them to send you their surplus stickers. It is how you trade the stickers in Monopoly GO! While some stickers are easy to trade, others are not.

For instance, players are not authorized to trade gold stickers in the game. However, they can send them to their friends. The event to ‘trade’ the gold stickers or cards will likely be announced in the future. 


Now that you know everything about sending and trading stickers in the game, ensure to keep yourself updated on everything else that the game has to offer. After all, Monopoly GO! becomes more entertaining as you start unfolding the hidden tips, tricks, and cheat codes of the game. All the best! 

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